live video

VACATION @ MOTR -- 12.5.10 from Jon Lorenz on Vimeo.

this video was shot by our buddy Jon Lorenz at our show in cincy at MOTR with Times New Viking


Some Photos from Tour

Here are some photos from our show in Tampa, FL, this November!


they are pretty fucking sweet!



the DO SHIT tape/cd is now on if you make it!

check out all the other rad stuff on there if you haven't yet.


News 12-7-10


we just got back from a week long tour with Japanther and Unstoppable Death Machines and it ruled!!!  anyways, we are gonna take it easy for a while and worked on writing a full length! hopefully something will be done by spring time. 

besides that, the "Dream Dad" 7 inch is done and out, it should be up for sale on http://www.letspretendrecords.com/ and http://www.sidejarrecords.com/ very very soon!

and you can also purchase some of our t-shirts and Dangerous Intersections VII featuring us, New Creases, Billy Raygun, and the Transgressions from http://www.trafficstreetrecords.com/

anddddd hopefully by tomorrow the "Do Shit Tape" will be up for download on http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/ as well as a repress of the tape out on Dead Broke Rekerds.  The songs are now on a CD on Moonquake (the CDR label of Traffic Street).

in other news, Peyton's other band, Till Plains, should be getting some new songs done soon as well as playing the Two Inch Winky Christmas show at the Southgate House!  Jerry and Evan's new band, You Blockhead!, will be playing a couple shows this month.; Dec. 12th @ 2223 Stratford Ave. and Dec. 14th @ Carabar in Columbus!

that's it for now!